Friday, August 06, 2010

Punctually breaking law

Punctually breaking law
In a hurry to comply guideline to reach class on dot or lose attendance, Christ College students violating traffic rules

Traffic policemen posted near Christ University on the busy Hosur Road have noted an increase in the number of students driving on the wrong side around 9 am. Besides being hazardous, it also increases the traffic woes of motorists during the peak hour.
The increase in violations coincided with the prestigious university becoming strict with timings.
According to a final-year student, “Starting this semester, Christ University has made it mandatory for every student to be in class by 9 am sharp. Even a two-minute delay means having to lose attendance and that class.”
Christ Junior College’s vice-principal Father Biju said, “Yes, we have become strict with timings. We have instructed students and teachers to be in the classroom by 9 am. At 9.02 am, the attendance slips are sent to Internal Processing Management (IPM) where the list of absentee students is uploaded online. With 75 per cent attendance mandatory, students cannot afford to miss class.”
So, those running late break traffic rules in a bid to meet the deadline.
The traffic constables posted at the spot are helpless as they are busy helping students and others crossing the busy road.
One constable said, “As there is no footoverbridge at the spot, we are forced to stop vehicles to allow students to cross the road. At this time, it is tough to catch people who come on the wrong side.”
Father Biju insists that heavy traffic is no excuse to break rules. “We are strict with the timing to encourage a sense of discipline among students. All of us know how notorious Bangalore’s traffic is. It is better that students leave home early and reach safely,” he said.


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