Thursday, August 26, 2010

No one’s parking at Jayanagar TTMC

No one’s parking at Jayanagar TTMC
That’s because parking lots are on top of the building and commuters don’t like huffing and puffing up and down since the lifts are not yet operational

The Rs 12.9-crore Traffic and Transit Management Centre (TTMC) at Jayangar 4th Block has not made life any easier for commuters. The idea of the TTMC, which was inaugurated by Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa last August, was to get people to park their vehicles here and travel around the city by public transport. But parking here is easier said than done.
For one, the parking lot – which can accommodate 60 cars and 150 twowheelers – is located on the roof of the building and people are reluctant to use it because Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) which owns TTMC has not provided lifts yet. When this reporter visited the TTMC, only four vehicles were parked.
S Keerthi, a business developmental manager with an MNC, said, “Using parking lots in the building is tiresome when people have to use the stairs to go up and down. Adding to the problem, parking attendants are collecting more than the rates fixed.
“The Corporation has spent crores on the TTMC. If this is the state of the city’s first TTMC, what about the others being constructed,” Keerthi asked.
A corporation official said, “Initially, we received good response from the public. But as the lifts are not operational, people hesitate to use the parking lots. But the two lifts will start operating in two months.”
It’s not just the parking lot that is empty. Space on the first and second floor that the BMTC had planned to rent out is vacant even after a year. For instance, the transport department had planned to shift its RTO office from Jayanagar complex to the second floor but that has not yet happened.
The official said that a restaurant would come up on the first floor shortly and there was also a proposal to rent out space for a health centre, Bangalore One Centre, cyber cafe, banks, ATMs, air-ticket booking, departmental and book stores and the Corporation was working on it.

The cost of parking at the Jayanagar TTMC is Rs 8 for a minimum of two hours for two-wheelers and Rs 10 for four-wheelers


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