Monday, August 02, 2010

New fare: Commuters in confusion

New fare: Commuters in confusion

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The first day when the revised autorickshaw fares came into effect was marked by confusion as only a few drivers were carrying the new price chart supplied by the RTO.
As the transport department has given the drivers a month to recalibrate the meters, commuters had a difficult time trying to calculate how much they have to pay extra.

Heated arguments between passengers and auto drivers were common on Sunday as they failed to arrive at one amount.

“The auto meters should have been upgraded before the revised fares were implemented. There is a lot of confusion over the auto fares as many of them don’t have a revised fare chart.

They are demanding money as per their whims and fancies,” said Payal Acharya, a commuter.

Another passenger said

auto drivers are still demanding exorbitant fares despite the hike.
“This is unfair and the authorities must do something to check the fleecing

by drivers. Fares have been increased by as per their demand but they are still asking for Rs 10 to 20 extra even during the day," said Devi Prasad Naik, another commuter. The auto unions said they have got no intimation from the weights and measures department on the calibration of meters.
Speaking to Deccan

Chronicle, president, Bangalore Auto Drivers Souharda Co-operative Ltd Somasekhara said: “Although the urban deputy commissioner had notified that a maximum of three months time will be given to auto drivers to recalibrate the meters as per the revised fares. However, the deputy controller of weights and measures department is supposed to inform the auto drivers on recalibration of the meters.” “We also request the transport authorities to make it mandatory for all the autos to ply with electronic meters.
Tampering of meters could be curbed to some extent if digital meters are used,” Mr Somasekhara said.

“It is difficult to recalibrate the old meters as they are not technically advanced,” he said.

“Electronic meters must be made compulsory and the government should provide a subsidy for changing the meters,” he added.

after the revision Fare per kilometre: Rs 9 Minimum fare for first 2 km: Rs 17 Waiting Charge: First 5 minutes: Free For every 15 minutes: Rs 1 Luggage Charge: Up to 20 kg: Free For every 20 kg: Rs 2 Maximum luggage allowed: 50 kg Fare at night: Between 10 pm and 5 am, one-and-a-half times the regular meter fare.


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