Friday, August 20, 2010

Netizen vents `rage against the rickshaws!'

Netizen vents `rage against the rickshaws!'

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"We have started a drive to collect the registration numbers of autorickshaws plying with faulty meters."

It's a virtual war against autorickshaws now.
A Bengaluru Netizen has created a Rage Against The Rickshaws! community which is climbing up the popularity charts on socialnetworking site Facebook, with over 200 members already.

Netizens have decided its time to hit back at autorickshaws running with faulty meters and the foul behaviour of some of the drivers by drawing attention to them on the site. The errant autorickshaws are being listed by their registration numbers for the information of the authorities.

"We have started this drive of collecting the registration numbers of autos plying with faulty meters from commuters and listing them on the site. We have collected over 150 such numbers of autos," says community owner of Rage Against the Rikshaws! Nikhil Narayanan, who is a copy writer by profession. The site relies mainly on Facebook users to contribute the registration numbers of the auto drivers, which are also submitted to the regional transport offices (RTOs).
But no action seems to be forthcoming from the authorities despite all the effort. "The last time I con tacted the authorities concerned to report a rigged meter, I was told they did not have the necessary equipment to calibrate autorickshaw meters.

This only shows that they simply overlook people's complaints," says Mr Narayanan .Not to be defeated, he hopes that once the site has a significant number of members, it will be able to convince the police commissioner to take action against the auto drivers listed on it. "I expect full cooperation from everyone who has to put up with the auto menace on a daily basis. They must come and join us on Rage Against the Rickshaws site," he adds.


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