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Denied Attention For 5 Years, Residents Are Now Giving Up
Basic Civic Amenities Are A Distant Dream Here. Corporator’s Excuse: Blame It On Budget Delay
Senthalir S | TNN

Bangalore: Barely half-a-kilometre away from the old airport is a narrow stretch that leads to Annasandrapalya. What’s the area like? No water supply, no pavements, no underground drainage system.
Helpless, residents purchase water every day. “Most borewells have dried up. Though BWSSB laid pipelines, there is no water supply to this area. With no borewell water or Cauvery water supply, we are forced to spend money on tankers. We have to pay Rs 350 per tanker and need at least eight loads a month,” says Viraja R, a resident.
Residents claim that netas visit them during elections to seek votes. “We hope at least a new corporator will solve our problem.’’
Manjunath CR, a resident of Annasandrapalya, complains that pavements are broken and never maintained: “There is no space for pedestrians. Senior citizens and children risk their lives walking on these pavements, and it worse in the night.’’
Nothing seems to stir up BBMP officials. “I lived here for 10 years. It is pointless to complain to BBMP. There is no hope that authorities will act,’’ he says. Garbage disposal is another problem. With no bins, people are forced to throw muck on the roads and drains. “When the drains are blocked with plastic and waste, no one bothers to clear it. Monsoon adds to our woes. The clogged drains are a breeding ground for mosquitoes,” complains Sharadha S, a resident.
Prasanna, who runs a store, says population in the locality increased over the years. But basic civic amenities still remain a dream. “Where is the underground drainage system? The stench emanating from clogged drains has made life here unbearable,” he says.
No water supply. Residents depend on tankers
Pedestrians have no space to walk
Vacant land have turned into garbage dumps. With no proper disposal units, residents are forced to throw garbage on vacant land and drains
Roads are not asphalted. Autorickdrivers refuse to enter the narrow lanes
Are you a resident of HAL Airport Road? Do you face the same problems or other issues in your area? Better still, have a solution to these problems discussed?
(HAL Airport Road): 9845102742
Residents of Annasandrapalya say you haven’t visited their area and failed to address their problems.
I often visit the area and listen to what residents have to say. If I am not in a position to go, I send someone.
Do you ensure that drains and footpaths are in place?
I will take people into confidence and only then start work. It has become a little difficult with the BBMP budget delay. We have worked out the estimate for underground drainage and will start work shortly.
How often do you visit your ward?
I visit the area once a week or sometimes even twice.
What are the problems you have observed so far? What is your action plan to solve it?
Water shortage is the major problem haunting this ward. Besides, there is no underground drainage and even proper roads. There are several issues that need to be addressed, we’ll undertake work systematically.
We need proper water supply. We’ve faced acute shortage for five years. We took this to the notice of civic agencies and corporator. Recently, we apprised the corporator of the problem, and expect him to tackle this on priority
— Padmavathi G, | RESIDENT
There is no drainage system. We have filed several complaints but to no avail. Only if the system is in place will we get good roads. Otherwise, if roads are asphalted now, they have to dig up the roads again for drainage work.
— Narendra R, | RESIDENT
With clogged drains and bad pavements, people are unable to walk on this stretch. Besides, unscheduled power cuts have also increased. We pay taxes regularly but we don’t have basic facilities.
—Shekar R, | RESIDENT


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