Monday, August 09, 2010

More than 260 varieties of flower on display at Lalbagh

More than 260 varieties of flower on display at Lalbagh
Bangalore:Aug 8, DHNS:

Everyday close to 70,000 people have been thronging the Lalbagh Botanical Garden to witness the flower show.

The Independence Day flower show in Lalbagh Botanical Garden which was opened for public viewing from August 6 and will continue till August 15. On display are more than 260 varieties of flowers.

The following is a list of special arrangements along with basic information made for the flower show.

Entry tickets

Entry tickets are priced at Rs 30 for weekdays (Monday to Friday) and Rs 40 will be charged for weekends (Saturday and Sunday). Children within the age of 6 to 12 years have to pay Rs 10 for entry tickets. Regular passes will be not available till the flower show concludes.

The tickets are available at four gates of Lalbagh.

West Gate: 10 ticket counters; Main Gate: 20 ticket counters; Double Road Gate: 20 counters; Siddapur Gate: 10 counters. Siddapur gate will also have mobile counter, ten designated people will sell entry tickets. The timing for the flower show will be from 9 am to 6 pm.

On August 13, school children will be given a free entry for the day. There is no extra fee charged for the use video cameras and still cameras in the gardens and group bookings are not allowed.


Special parking arrangements have been made for the vehicles, the garden can accommodate more than 3,000 two-wheelers and close to 2,500 four-wheelers.

The Double Road gate will have entry only for two-wheelers and four-wheelers can enter from the Siddapura Gate. The parking fee of Rs 10 for four-wheelers and Rs 5 for two-wheelers will be charged in addition to the entry fee. Entry for autorickshaws and buses is restricted in the premises of Lalbagh. A special vehicle is provided for the physically disabled that will ply to-and-from from entry gate to the glass house. Rs 10 is charged per person and close to 6 people can be travel in a single vehicle.

Ticket counters at every gate will provide the information for those who want to avail this service. In addition to this a fleet of 5-battery operated eco vehicles will be available to take an one hour tour of the Lalbagh, specially for senior citizens, children and for those prefer a ride than a walk.

The vehicle can accommodate 10 people and Rs 100 will be charged per person. The Double road gate will have a separate ticket counter for the eco-friendly vehicle.


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