Friday, August 06, 2010

Congestion increases as shoppers park vehicles along the road

Congestion increases as shoppers park vehicles along the road

Bosky Khanna

While residents are blaming all problems in their locality on the growing commercialisation, businessmen say they set up their units to serve the increasing population here.
Govinda Reddy V (pictured), who runs a wrist watch outlet in Koramangala 1st Block, says he chose this locality for the showroom considering the large number of residential areas, colleges, schools and other institutions located around. However, he admits that parking is a big problem. Customers often complain to him about this.
"The major problem in the locality is traffic hurdles. Last year, the civic agency and the traffic police department had taken off parking on either side of the road. But this affected our business in a big way. Then all shopkeepers of the area met the traffic police commissioner and gave a letter requesting him to provide parking facilities as our businesses were going downhill. Later, parking was allowed on one side of the road,'' he says.
Shopkeepers point out that providing parking on one side of the road is no solution as this space is limited. They cannot force the customers to park elsewhere too. Traffic movement gets affected due to this mode of parking and vehicles being taken in and out of the space. Due to this, many customers come here in chauffeur-driven cars.
Entry of heavy vehicles also affects free flow of traffic. Restricting their entry will help in better management of traffic, says Reddy.
Siri Vishwanath, proprietor of Big Iris, says parking and vehicular movement pose menace. But residents are happy with her coffee shop as it is located in a serene spot.
Siri says she chose this location as it reminds one of old Bangalore due to the greenery and quiet atmosphere. She stays near Forum Mall. According to her, Koramangala is becoming highly congested compared to other areas.


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