Thursday, August 19, 2010

BBMP to give fresh ‘lease’ of life to documents

BBMP to give fresh ‘lease’ of life to documents
Bangalore, August 18, DH News Service:

The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has begun an exercise to freshly collate documents on properties that have been leased out to various private and public establishments.

Reason: Most of the documents pertaining to leased properties have been either badly damaged or missing from the BBMP records.

The BBMP has leased its properties to many companies - from construction of temples to post offices.

Of the 373 properties that have been lent on lease, as many as 192 properties are still under contract. The lease of the remaining 181 properties has expired.

The duration of the lease period range from one to 99 years. The Palike, on priority basis, intends to recover 127 of the 181 properties for which the lease period has expired. Of these, 121 properties have been leased out to private firms and the rest have been leased to civic agencies.

Recovered nine

About 30 properties have been leased out to private institutions like schools. Not all properties are litigation-free lands, with 12 cases pending in various courts. At present, BBMP has recovered nine of the 373 properties.

As many as 14 properties are waiting Government approval, for renewal. “The total area of the properties that have been leased out stands at 133 acres and 38 guntas for an annual rent of Rs 57,11,000, while the market value for the same stands at Rs 1,364 crore,” BBMP Commissioner Siddaiah said.

The Palike commissioner stated that no stone would be left unturned to recover its land. He stated that all documents pertaining to lease are being reframed based on the available records - such as lease registers or any official document.


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