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BBMP blind to rise in dengue cases

BBMP blind to rise in dengue cases
Bangalore, August 4, DHNS:

The general public alone is not the victim of Dengue outbreak in the City, even the corporators and their kin are not spared. Mahalakshmipuram Corporator, S Keshava Murthy's 17-year-old son was admitted to M S Ramaiah Hospital, a few weeks ago for dengue.

The corporator said his son had developed fever and his platelet count went down to 31,000 (normal count is about 1,50,000 to 4,50,000). After taking him to several hospitals Murthy’s son was finally given blood platelets at M S Ramaiah Hospital.

"Though looking for platelets that would match with my son’s was a task, we could afford to get him best treatment at a private hospital. But imagine the plight of the poor. They would only die a silent death even without undergoing a test," said Murthy.

Platelets are only available in a few hospitals. The State Government should take initiative and provide sufficient platelets in all the hospitals as it is the need of hour,” he added.

Corporator sick

Jakkasandra (Ward No 173) Corporator N Saraswathamma is suffering from dengue-like symptoms for the past one week. When Deccan Herald spoke to her, in a feeble voice she said that she had developed fever on the day of the Council meeting and was unable to sit during the session.

"I couldn’t sit in the Council meeting and was just waiting for it to get over. I was in a bad condition when I reached home. I had developed fever and body pain, which was accompanied by nausea and diarrhoea," she said.

Saraswathamma is now recuperating at Sri Venkateshwara Nursing Home in Lakkasandra. Dr H N Venk- atesh, who is treating her, said although she is still tested positive of dengue, she is showing all the symptoms of the disease.

"Saraswathamma's platelet count was as low as 15,000, which has now increased to 43,0000. Her condition was pretty bad when she was admitted. We have sent her blood samples to National Institute of Virology and Nimhans and the results are expected on Thursday," he said.

Despite complaining about her ward’s health condition to the Mayor and the BBMP Commissioner, no one has visited the place, she said. According to her, there have been about three dengue deaths and several complaints about the disease in Jakkasandra.

BBMP’s denial

The State Health Department and BBMP have shown repeated reluctance in accepting the dengue situation in the City. In fact, Kacharkanahalli Corporator Padmanabha Reddy had submitted four positive dengue cases - two from his ward and two from Lingarajapuram - with documents to the BBMP Commissioner during the last Council meeting.

"The Commissioner is not willing to admit that there is an increase in dengue cases in the City," he said. He admitted to having many dengue cases in his ward and said that the municipal body was not doing anything to check the disease.

Opposition party leader M Nagaraj said the BBMP Health Department including the chief health officer were irresponsible.

One succumbs

Murali, a resident of Dasarahalli succumbed to dengue at Bangalore Hospital on Tuesday.
The 29-year-old was referred from a local nursing home and was admitted in the hospital for a day. He is survived by wife and a nine-year-old kid.


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