Friday, August 13, 2010

Auto drivers’ income to be affected

Auto drivers’ income to be affected
Bangalore, Aug 12, DHNS

Conscious or not, the move by several people to use alternative means of transport is expected to hit the income of auto drivers across the City.

“I used to earn about Rs 500-Rs 600 a day. But now my earning has come down to Rs 300-Rs 350,” said Venkatesh J, an auto driver.

Many auto drivers narrate similar stories, especially those who run rented autos. It is a greater problem for such drivers as they end up paying Rs 150-Rs 200 per day as rent alone. This is besides the money spent on gas, small maintenance of the vehicle etc.

“Unfortunately we have to face consequences of wrongdoings of some others auto drivers,” said Krishne Gowda, another driver.


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