Friday, August 27, 2010

Ad agencies prune trees

Ad agencies prune trees

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The city continues to lose its green cover with advertisement agencies pruning tree branches crudely just because they have been preventing commuters from getting a clear view of the hoarding erected by them.
The BBMP has already done enough damage to the city’s greenery by axing trees for infrastructure projects with Namma Metro lending a helping hand by felling hundreds of trees on the rail route.

On Thursday morning, green lovers were in for a rude shock when advertisement company workers arrived on Thursday morning to chop tree branches on Richmond Road near Sacred Heart Church.

The apparent reason for chopping the tree branches: They were preventing a

frontal view of the advertisement hoarding. “On Wednesday I was shocked to find some tree branches being cut. The ad company workers lied saying they had taken the permission of the BBMP, when they actually had not,” said a security guard at the Church.
Shantalanagar corporator K. Shivakumar has lodged a complaint with the mayor and the BBMP’s forest cell.

Mr Shivakumar said the tree branches were being cut illegally without obtaining permission. Traffic flow came to a grinding halt for nearly an hour in this busy locality because of the pruning, he said.

The BBMP’s forest department has lodged complaint against Rainbow advertisement company for illegal tree cutting. “No permission was sought from BBMP for tree cutting,” said BBMP range officer (East) E.R. Ravindra.


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