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Palace grounds smaller by 30 acres

Palace grounds smaller by 30 acres
Bangalore, July 6, DHNS:

The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has embarked upon the road widening along three sides of the Palace Grounds which saw the Royal Family give their “consent” to 30 acres of prime property for the projects.

However, Palike officials now state that the Wadiyars will be compensated with Transfer of Developmental Rights (TDR) for the disputed land pending the Supreme Court judgement.

The Wadiyars, including scion Srikanta Dutta Wadiyar, agreed to the road widening project based on the fact that the BBMP will develop the roads on the three sides for the good of the people and also that it will add value to their property.

‘Additional value’

“We were always for the road widening project which was envisaged long time back. But the BBMP approached us only last December. We have readily parted with 30 acres of the property based on the additional value it will add to the property, and more importantly benefit the citizens of Bangalore,” said, Chaduranga Kantharaj Urs, member of the Royal family.

BBMP officials in the meantime have stated that the consent has been given by the family on the understanding that the Palike will provide them with TDR pending the SC verdict on the land.

“The land is under dispute at the Supreme Court. The Government and the Royal Family have come to an understanding that they will be paid the compensation in TDR only if the SC decision favours them,” said a BBMP official.

The Rs 35 crore project, apart from the TDR to be given to the Royal Family, will see the width of three roads adjacent to the Palace Grounds increase by atleast 15 meters.

As per the plan the stretch between Mekhri Circle to the TV Tower junction will be widened to 30 meters with Bellary Road being widened to 45 meters and from TV Tower stretch till Cantonment station also to be widened to 30 meters.

BBMP Chief Engineer (Major Roads), Chickrayappa stated that the Palike will not be touching any private property except that of the ones which are under the Palace Grounds premises.

“We also have a small stretch of Defence land on the other side which we wish to acquire for widening the road, but that is still pending with the Central Government. For the time being, the project will proceed only along the Palace Ground side,” he said.

The road widening project is expected to take a minimum of one year to complete barring the monsoon season that will commence shortly in the City. The Wadiyars before giving consent to the project had asked the BBMP to build an inner wall before breaking down the original Palace Ground compound.

“The understanding was that the Palike will finish the inner wall to avoid future demarcation issues. The inner wall was scheduled to be completed within a month of acquiring the land,” informed Urs.

Fact file

*Total length of the road to be widened from Mekhri Circle-TV Tower-Cantonment Station underpass: 2.67 Km

*Total length of the road from Mekhri Circle-BDA Junction flyover: 1.45 Km

*Total cost of the project: Rs 34.30 crore

*Total extent of land acquired from the disputed Palace Grounds: 30 acres


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