Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Govt exploring beyond TDR for land losers

Govt exploring beyond TDR for land losers
Bangalore, July 12, DHNS:

The government is exploring options other than the Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) to work out a better deal for those losing property to the road widening project, said Mayor S K Nataraj.

He was speaking at a function on World Population Day organised jointly by the Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) and the Family Planning Association (FPA) of India.

Nataraj was responding to a sharp criticism made by noted film maker K S L Swamy who took a dig at certain proposals stating that they are not planned to serve the masses.
The Mayor observed that the people living in Basavangudi for many decades would find it difficult to lose their properties and a mere TDR will not do. The residents of Kadirenahalli, who would be losing property to the underpass would also feel the similar apprehension. In this regard he had a detailed discussion with the Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa and the ministers dealing with the city affairs. He said some monetary compensation and alternative sites at new layouts were some of the options which they are pondering over.

He said people losing property to the underpass may be given a better compensation either in the form of money or alternate sites at some new layouts. However, he made it clear that there will not be any marking on the walls of those buildings which have been identified for demolition for road widening work.

“People complained to me that they are neither getting any tenants nor anyone is coming forward to buy them due to the markings on the wall,” said the Mayor.
He added that the new layouts will have a minimum of 100 to 140 feet wide roads so that there will not be any need for acquisition of land and demolition of properties for road widening project.

Later, interacting with the reporters, Mayor said the BBMP intends to give a compensation of up to Rs 2,300 per sqft to the property losers of Kadirenahalli. “Owners of the properties on main road would be given Rs 2,300 per sqft whereas it will be less for those living in the interior area,” said the Mayor.

Earlier, Kannada film director-producer Swamy at the programme criticised that the government frames various policies but rarely it benefit people. “Either people have apprehension in accepting it or the benefits do not reach them,” he added.

Dr N G Narayana, the General Secretary of the IRCS, Karnataka Branch said the current situation in India warrrants an equal birth and death rate if the country has to be saved from the population explosion.


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