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Corporator plays truant, leaves residents fuming

Corporator plays truant, leaves residents fuming
This 35-Year-Old Layout Yearns For Better Planning And Attention
Sunitha Rao R | TNN

Bangalore: Its proximity to M G Road has no bearing on this 35-year-old layout. How else would one explain this situation? Some roads in Doddaiah Layout have never been asphalted, there are no footpaths and water stagnation issues rule this place. Desperate and irate residents want to know if they are part of Greater Bangalore.
Monsoon will make life hell for residents of Doddaiah Layout near Ulsoor, that falls under Jogupalya ward.
“Some roads have never been asphalted. There are no footpaths here. The stormwater drain adjacent to the III Main in Appayya Garden stinks. BBMP had taken up the work of desilting the drain but the silt is dumped in the drain, that has led to stagnation of dirty water. Doesn’t it lead to breeding of mosquitoes? What’s the point in BBMP directing public to avoid stagnant water in their surroundings when they themselves are contributing to the situation?’’ asks Pravin Kumar, a member of the RWA.
“Neither the area MLA or corporator has visited us so far. Residents have made several attempts to contact the corporator through our association. We also brought these issues before CM’s office in 2006. None of them bothered to take any action. Monsoon is a nightmare for us,’’ echo members of the Doddaiah Layout Welfare Association.
Not just the corporator, even the BWSSB has been indifferent. “We have given representations to the BWSSB on lack of proper drainage, flooding and obsolete sewerage systems of Doddaiah Layout and Ulsoor. No action has been taken since 2005,’’ they said.
Pipelines cry for replacement
The old pipelines were fixed about 35 years ago when there were fewer houses here. Now the same ones cater to not less than 350 houses. “They are damaged at various places, leading to leakage and blockage. The sewage lines need to be replaced by bigger pipes,’’ Harshavardhana J, a resident said.
Shabby work on slabs
BBMP initiated repair of side drains and slabs were placed two feet above the ground in front of residential units. “It was impossible for us to park our vehicles in front of the house due to the shabby work,” a resident said.
M Gowtham Kumar | CORPORATOR
Have you visited Doddaiah Layout? Are you aware of its problems?
I have been working in the ward before I became a corporator. I have made several trips to Doddaiah Layout and I am aware of the problems. Visiting the ward does not mean visiting each house, but addressing the issues. Residents can feel free to call me.
But none of their problems is fixed. It’s two months since you have been elected.
I visit my ward daily. I am aware of the filth in the area and that the water pipes need to be changed. There is haphazard garbage dumping, which needs attention. I will address all the issues.
What development works have you planned?
There is hardly any space left for laying footpaths. Major work on the water pipelines has begun.
What are the issues that need to be addressed immediately?
Sewage pipelines must be changed. As and when the problems are noticed, they are being addressed.
Poor drainage and sewerage system have led to flooding in our layout. Whenever there is heavy rain, at least 500 houses are covered with water and sewage waste. The corporator is yet to listen to our woes.
Are you a resident of Doddaiah Layout? Do you face the same problems or other issues in your area? Better still, have a solution to these problems discussed?
M Gowtham Kumar,
ward No 89 Jogupalya: 98450-35510

You name the problem, and Doddaiah Layout has it. No footpaths, filth strewn all over, water stagnation ... And the corporator is missing, say residents
Most roads in bad shape, never asphalted Drainage clogged with garbage Vacant sites turned as garbage dumps Illegal placing of construction material and debris on the road that obstructs vehicular movement Sewage pipelines to be changed


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