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Corporator? Do we’ve one, wonder residents

Corporator? Do we’ve one, wonder residents
It’s A Problem Of Plenty, Literally. Innumerable Potholes, Manholes Only Make Life Difficult
Once a CMC, this ward has now been added to the BBMP. But the tale of woes is the same — unending civic problems and missing corporator
Aarthi R | TNN

Bangalore: The roads look broad, drains wide and poles at regular distance for streetlights. But take a closer look and you will find the roads are full of huge potholes, streetlights are missing and drains overflow during rain.
The widened HBR main road was tarred just before the BBMP elections. Today, it already has many potholes. Manholes on this stretch compound the woes. Some of them get waterlogged during rain, and it’s difficult to spot them. The entire road has no proper streetlights which makes it almost impossible to navigate when dusk falls.
But these are just a few of the many problems here.
R Lazarus, a resident of HBR Layout I Stage, has been waiting for two years to get the fused streetlight outside his house repaired. He narrates his frustrating experience while following up the issue. Recent robberies in his area are also making him anxious.
“My earlier attempts at contacting the BBMP office went in vain. My call bounced from one official to another. Finally, one day, a van came here with some staff, but it was futile as they did not fix GE lights. Though we said even a tubelight was fine, they did not have stock. I then complained online. I got four messages from BBMP, giving my complaint number and other details. I also got a call from the regional officer saying the GE light will be fixed in 30 minutes. Now, it’s three days and nobody has come,’’ he says.
Did he try contacting the corporator? “Oh! I didn’t know about that. Nobody has visited us till date,’’ he says
In another part of the same ward, N Mohammed Khan has a complaint. The vacant site right opposite his building is used as a dumpyard. Locals and BBMP tippers add to the stinking heap regularly. His constant complaints to staff and even putting up boards with messages have not helped. In fact, the boards have even been stolen overnight! “I have been complaining. It’s of no use. It has remained this way for two to three years. Locals too don’t cooperate,’’ complains this resident who has been living here for 10 years. Again, he is also unaware about the ward having a corporator.
Sanjeevi V who stays in I Stage, 5th Block, says he is hopeful of some action. “The corporator visited us soon after taking over. He heard our complaints and promised action once he got funds. We haven’t heard from him again but hope he will keep his promise. Roads are a problem here,’’ he says.
Drinking water Irregular garbage collection Streetlights Manholes on main roads Sanitation Increasing commercialization Stray dog menace
What are the problem areas in your ward?
Being a newly added area, roads, water, sanitation and garbage collection are still an issue. Further, this area is a mix of BDA and revenue pockets. We also have many slums. So, it needs serious planning.
Have you started on any planning yet?
Yes. Most pending works are complete. I am waiting for the budget to start on new projects. It will take at least six months for me to show any change.
Bigger projects can wait, but what about streetlights and regular maintenance? Even garbage tippers dump their loads everywhere.
There is no problem with regular maintenance. This area was recently shifted from Byatarayanapura to BBMP’s East zone. We haven’t had adequate staff to monitor these works. Even the health department here had no officer for months. It will be sorted soon.
Almost all residents say you never visit the ward?
I don’t know. I have to look into this.
We don’t know if there is a corporator. If there is one, he is unfit to be heading the ward. Just visit 9th Main and check its condition. It’s remained like this for almost four years now.
— R Lazarus, | RESIDENT
What is the corporator’s name? We don’t know. Nobody has ever visited this area. We continue to make repeated calls to the BBMP office. Nothing has changed.
— N Mohammed Khan, | A RESIDENT
Are you a resident of HBR Layout? Do you face the same problems or other issues in your area? Better still, have a solution to these problems discussed?
Is the corporator of your ward yet to get down to brass tacks? Is he yet to contact Resident Welfare Associations and get grievances redressed? After featuring some proactive corporators in these columns, we will now look for those corporators who haven’t done any visible work. If civic work is piling up in your surroundings, let us know.


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