Wednesday, July 21, 2010

City auto fares likely to go up from Friday

City auto fares likely to go up from Friday
Bangalore, July 20, DHNS:

Commuters, brace yourselves to shell out more for your auto trips from Friday.He told Deccan Herald that a report prepared by the deputy commissioner of police (east) on the quantum of hike to be revised has been submitted to the government.

“A decision will be announced only on July 22. We have taken into consideration the views of auto unions and drivers alike, the increase in auto-LPG prices, inflation and the cost of auto spares,” said Aiyappa.

In the past, too, auto fares were raised whenever auto LPG prices were increased. Auto unions are divided on the quantum of hike being sought, with various unions seeking different rates.

They range from Rs 16 to Rs 20 as minimum fare and from Rs 8 to Rs 10 as per km fare. The present minimum fare of Rs 14 and Rs 7 per km fare were fixed by the STA in 2008, after a hike in auto-LPG prices was effected. The minimum auto fare in Bangalore is one of the highest in the country after New Delhi with autos in the national capital charging Rs 20.


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