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Basic infrastructure still a distant dream

Basic infrastructure still a distant dream
It’s a small area off Horamavu Main Road with a big complaint box. From basic roads to drinking water and even sanitary lines, almost everything associated with civic amenities is absent here. Women are the worst hit and they are upset that their woman corporator is yet to hear them
Aarthi R | TNN

Bangalore: A broken yellow board and a crude bumpy road off Horamavu Main Road welcome you to this long-forgotten extension of Coconut Grove Layout near Papaiah Layout. Over the years, many houses and apartments have sprung up but basic infrastructure is still absent.
There are 4-5 apartment complexes beside some independent houses in this layout, where frustration is the common binding force for residents. At any interior lane, you can find a group of residents who rush out and complain.
Malathi Bhaskaran, a resident of Basaveshwarnagar, moved in here a year ago to take care of her pregnant daughter. Finding it tough to take her for check-up, Malathi says: “I have to take her in an autorickshaw but no driver agrees to come to this place dreading the bad roads. A few who are willing demand double fare. It’s really pathetic.”
With no proper street lights, residents prefer staying indoors after dark. It’s either the fear of stray dogs or snakes that sneak out from the ill-maintained vacant sites or chain-snatchers. “Street lights on some roads are deliberately broken by miscreants for their convenience,” says Reya, a resident.
“There’s absolutely no safety for women here,” she maintained, recalling how a woman returning from work was embarrassed by some men in the dark.
The oldest resident, 84-year-old Mullen, is at the peak of her frustration levels. “There’s no use complaining anywhere. I have long tried to change things but nothing has happened. All those who promised have failed and disappeared. Tell me what can you do to change our plight,” she asks.
Deva Matha Central School here has been functioning for the past 16 years. According to vice-principal Jayashree Mohan, roads were much better before but deteriorated because of no maintenance. Some residents complained how even going to pick up and drop their children at school is a problem.
“With no proper road, we are forced to take a short cut through a vacant site adjacent to the school. Very often we see snakes crossing our path, which is so scary. How can we let our children walk alone here,” asked Anupama, a worried mother.
Are you aware of the problems in your ward and in particular, issues faced by residents of this area?
My husband and I regularly visit the ward. I know almost all areas are yet to have proper UGD lines. Drinking water is another problem. All of this is part of major projects. Recently, some residents had informed us about the issues.
What are you planning to do about their problems?
It will take us some time to rectify these issues. I cannot do anything without the budget. The area MLA has clearly told me there are no funds right now. I have to wait for the BBMP budget. I also need the support of Palike officials.
Being a lady corporator, what do you have to say about women in your ward complaining about security issues?
As of now, no such incidents have come to my notice. In case of any, I will ensure appropriate action. —Tejaswini N Raju | CORPORATOR
A ride on these roads gets worse during rain. My office is in Marathalli. But crossing this layout to reach the main road is my toughest challenge every day. — Uday Bhaskar | RESIDENT
I had complained to the corporator over phone. She had agreed to come. But I am yet to see her here. Every time I call to enquire, she says, ‘I will come’. But I don’t know when — Anuradha Saikumar | RESIDENT
The condition of 1st Cross, which runs through Ashirvad Colony, is pathetic. Potholes are getting wider and deeper. Hundreds of children use the road daily to commute to Deva Matha Central School. Not to mention the menace of stray dogs and non-functioning street lights. Most of the roads around the locality are getting a face-lift. But our corporator is an exception. With the onset of monsoon, children have to watch out for snakes hiding in the bushes on the roadsides. — Sunil Mathew Paul | RESIDENT
Crude and narrow roads Dependant on drying borewells Stray dog menace Snakes in vacant sites Irregular garbage clearance No proper drainage system Frequent chain-snatching
Are you a resident of Horamavu? Do you face the same problems or other issues in your area? Better still, have a solution to these problems discussed?
JUST CONTACT YOUR CORPORATOR Tejaswini N Raju (Horamavu) 9482011100


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