Saturday, June 19, 2010

Protected yet disconnected

Protected yet disconnected

Kempe Gowda towers were built at heights to keep a watch on the highways leading into the city, says historian SK Aruni.
Zipping past Mekhri Circle, one may not even be aware that an important piece of history stands tall, close by.
A park that has yellow flowers blooming during spring on the left of the foot of the under bridge, is all one may notice.
But, take the service lane to the left and enter the posh locality, and you will be surprised by the site the park beholds in its folds.
A stark contrast to the tower at Gavipuram, the one inside the park is a piece for view to the select few who are aware of its existence.
Protected, yet, disconnected, it stays as a tower, adding to the beauty of the park. Historians lament that it doesn't, however, retain its legacy.
Emphasising on the need for awareness, Aruni says, "They could have at least highlighted these towers on the walls of the city that are being painted with structures of Hampi."
Historians and researchers share the same strong sentiment that there is a need to revive the heritage of the city.
The focus needs to be on collating and distributing information about Bangalore's rich heritage and the vision of its founder among all, so that there is a sense of pride and belonging.


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