Wednesday, June 23, 2010

People have a duty to protect common wealth

People have a duty to protect common wealth

Dr MS Shivaprasad

People who use parks should maintain them well. A good example of private-public partnership in maintenance of such facilities is the RMV park. Parks and water bodies are precious community wealth and their value is infinite in this growing urban jungle.
Unless people are made stakeholders of common wealth like parks and ponds, these common wealth will not be sustained. I believe all such property must be placed under joint responsibility where the BBMP will administer and residents' associations will run them.
People take ownership of things they build themselves. In the same way, parks should be the responsibility of the community around. The RMV IInd Stage park in my ward, Aramane, is a perfect example of this partnership. And it shows results. The park is spick and span. Each blade of grass is protected and nurtured with care.
The local residents' welfare association has been doing a work worth emulating. This is an attitude that needs to be followed in all areas. Residents need to see facilities like parks as their own. Unless that happens, there will be no accountability.
The authorities require help from residents. Residents as users of such facilities are the best source to see that a park is not misused by any party. Their help lightens the burden of the Palike to a large extent.
My ward has in all 10 parks and the three in RMV — a beautiful rock garden, a children's park and the main park— are under public-private partnership. It is team work at play. We are constantly engaged in a dialogue to understand how we can bring more amenities for the park visitors. The area has its own waste segregation unit. It is being run with the help of the BBMP. Officials and the public jointly hold sessions to educate new tenants on waste segregation.
I do agree that small gardens in each area should be developed and dedicated for the convenience of senior citizens. Both children and seniors need special care and they ought to be provided for.
— The writer is chief orthopedic surgeon of MS Ramaiah Medical College and corporator of Aramane ward


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