Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It’s a different ‘home work’ for children of Ejipura

It’s a different ‘home work’ for children of Ejipura
Bhukker Madhu Kumar and Mithesh Kumar, June 15, Bangalore, DHNS:

While rains play havoc with the City roads, most times human beings pay a heavy price. Forget, adults, even children are ‘punished’ for lack of civic infrastructure in pockets of the City.

Come monsoons, schoolchildren of Ejipura have a massive a set of ‘home work’ to do. Apart from learning maths, science and languages, the children in the low-lying areas have to clear the water that gushes into their home!

“We have no option but to involve our children to clear the house of the deluge that is caused by the heavy showers,” said Sunitha, a homemaker who stays behind the Chavara Church in Ejipura. Living in a modest home built near the drains of Ejipura, Sunitha and her family are subjected to hell when the rain gods pour down on their home.

Temporary barricades erected outside their doors seem more of a hope rather than being effective against the gushing water that plays havoc with their lives every monsoon. During rains, with no space to cook or sleep, Sunitha and her family turn for help to her relatives who live close by for their daily chores. “We have been paying a rent of Rs 2,000 and our monthly income is just too meagre for us to relocate,” said the hapless mother of two.

The story does not seem to change in low-lying vicinities of Ejipura with most struggling to manage their lives in their modest surroundings. Most people believe that the cause of this trouble during the monsoon season are the faulty sewerage line which overflows and enters their home the houses. With water levels rising up to three feet and no proper drainage system in the vicinity, people near Ram Mandir and behind the Chavara church live in constant fear during rainy season.


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