Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hell is here on Old Madras Rd

Hell is here on Old Madras Rd
Bangalore, June 15, DHNS:

It is a journey through hell and back for those who commute daily on the Old Madras Road.

Potholes, uneven surface and dust on the road pose challenges everyday to the driving skills of the commuters. The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) and other government agencies have repaired the road often, but patch work is a palliative than a long-term solution.

Commuters like Vijay Prakash from Ulsoor complain that a spell of rain during monsoon is enough to wash away the road, exposing gravel and boulders. This time again, the road is full of dust and potholes. During the peak traffic hours, the cloud of dust impairs visibility, making commuters vulnerable to accidents. Driving at nights is more dangerous.

Officials of BBMP blame the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) for the poor condition of the roads. Worn out BWSSB pipelines spring leaks that inundate roads with water. “There used to be perennial flow of water from the leakages in BWSSB water pipeline at 20 different spots. We wrote to BWSSB to change the water lines, before we could get them to replace the pipes,” said a BBMP official.

The construction of Namma Metro throws up yet another challenge to vehicle traffic. Dust from construction sites has increased over the past year to the point of becoming unbearable. Dust allergy is common among motorists who traverse the stretch.To the question when the commuters would get a smooth ride on the Old Madras Road up to K R Puram, BBMP officials sidestep with aplomb. They say that BBMP has a small share on this road whereas the National Highway Authority of India has to look after the road once it is widened.


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