Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Greenery is fading out but all hope is not lost

Greenery is fading out but all hope is not lost


"Lucky me." That's the first thing that comes to my mind when we talk about the parks in Bangalore. I live in South Bangalore known for its lovely parks.
But the Rose Garden stands amid a concrete jungle. Gone are the days when it resembled a Ghat section. I still remember the little girl admiring the lush parks while driving past them. That was 30 years ago.
Years later, I moved to Bangalore and was still fortunate to see the parks in their pristine glory. Every time, I chose a different park as each one was unique in its own way regarding layout, terrain and trees. Those days, south Bangalore used to be a huge lung space.
Things changed and turned for the worse with the start of Metro work. Many trees were felled and parks were temporarily converted into work areas. Now even the parks look like concrete jungles. Where are the park benches gone? It's a pity that GenNext can't fell the experience we had while visiting city parks years ago.
But all is not lost. We still have some lush parks intact thanks to some users who fiercely protect them. The Banashankari Park near the BDA complex is one such. It's very popular. People come here to walk, jog, sit and chat. In the play area, parents happily watch as their children frolic in the green. The equipment installed in the area keeps the children amused.
I love this park. The pathway is so made that one can walk easily and fast. There are shelter areas for visitors when it rains. A musical fountain, a small pond, and good lighting make a visit to the park memorable.
The park draws senior citizens who closely monitor the activities of the park. They see to it that no one is misusing the park or littering or walking on the well-maintained lawns. This public involvement is important for all public parks.
When it comes to maintenance of parks, the civic agencies concerned should provide funds. An alarming factor one notices at parks is encroachment. One has to be vigilant against it and report the matter to the authorities. Parks are precious lung spaces for our relaxation and recreation.


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