Wednesday, June 16, 2010

BBMP backyard in sorry state

BBMP backyard in sorry state

Sharan Poovanna First Published : 15 Jun 2010 02:25:08 AM IST
BANGALORE: The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike has assured residents of the city that it would mitigate their problems during the monsoon but has failed to tackle the situation in its own backyard, where a road that has left been left uncovered after BWSSB laid pipelines has a huge depression right in the middle.
The narrow Devanga Hostel Road, which houses the BBMP head office, a renowned hospital and other business establishments, is plagued by frequent water leakages and stagnant pools of water that leave motorists screeching and scrambling to regain balance for some time now. This is a cause for concern for all those who frequent the area, as well as those who use it without any inkling of the depression that is about three-feet wide and several feet long.
“This road has been like this for some time now,” said Ravindra, a shopkeeper, adding that the sorry surface of the frequent water leakages and stagnation that would cause two wheelers to skid.
Ravindra said that the locality next to the main road did not have proper roads or drainage facilities. “Thankfully I do not have to use my vehicle on this road,” he said but expressed concern over the plight of other motorists. “We cyclists are often pushed to the corner and it’s difficult to regain balance with the roads being this bad,” said Pujith, a resident.
Pujith pointed out that the road suddenly caves in the middle and asserted that if he were to lose balance there was a good chance that he would be run over by the big vehicles behind him. When asked if they had made a formal complaint to the Palike about this, Pujith said that he had no hope in the authorities’ willingness to really help the residents.
Selva Kumar, a load auto driver, said vehicles could tip over when they suddenly try to veer away from the bad patch. He added that the danger was compounded as heavy vehicles used the road to go towards KR Market.
“The BWSSB had dug up the place and left without proper restoration done there,” Somashekar, chief engineer (east) told the Express.
He also said that such agencies were scrambling to complete many projects around the city before monsoon sets in completely.


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