Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bangalore bears the brunt of fuel price hike, as always

Bangalore bears the brunt of fuel price hike, as always

The fear of Bangaloreans came true by Friday midnight as the BMTC increased passenger fares

S Shwetha

The common man in Bangalore has again received a cruel blow after the central government announced a steep rise in the prices of petrol, diesel, kerosene and cooking gas.
Bangalore will be the worst hit among metropolitan cities by this price hike.
" We are very much upset. Whenever there is a fuel hike, Bangalore is the worst hit since the state tax is comparatively higher here than in other states. Also, the VAT is not bound. The maximum tax is levied on petrol and diesel with surcharge and entry tax of 5%. On the contrary, at the Centre, the excise duty remains constant. This has always made the fuel rates more expensive in our state," said Bhushan Narang, president of the
Karnataka Federation of Petrol Dealers'
"We had approached the chief minister many times to look into the tax issue. But nothing has happened till now. Until the government reduces the state tax, Bangaloreans will have to pay more than people in other cities, he said.
The central government announced on Friday that petrol and diesel will cost up to Rs 3.50 per litre more, diesel will be dearer by Rs2 per litre, households will have to pay an additional Rs35 per cooking gas cylinder and poor man's cooking medium kerosene will be costlier by Rs3 a litre.
But in Bangalore, the price of petrol will rise by Rs4 per litre. Price of diesel will move up by Rs2.25 per litre. However, cooking gas will be dearer in the state by Rs35 just like in other states. These prices came into effect from Friday midnight across the city.
Some students DNA interviewed slammed the price hike. "Our families are already suffering because of increase in the prices of food stuff and other essential commodities. With the latest hike in fuel prices, the prices will soar further. How will our parents run the family? As students, we have to travel a lot and a hike in bus and auto fares will be the worst blow," said Prashanth Hegde, a student of RV Engineering College.
Women employees were equally upset.
"With this fuel price hike, cabs, autos and buses will increase their fares. Then how can middle-class and lower middle-class people survive in this city? The common man will be driven to the wall for survival," said Shailaja Srinivas, a private employee.


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