Monday, June 21, 2010

Allow more private role to save city's lung spaces

Allow more private role to save city's lung spaces

MJ Lakshmana Rao

Parks in Bangalore will flourish if the BBMP decides to extend the existing private-public partnership on traffic islands to residential parks. The billionaires and corporate heads of this city will be willing to lend a hand, spend money and maintain parks if the authorities so decide. Some parks are already being maintained in this manner.
Parks are the only redeeming feature of a growing cement jungle. If these green patches are not saved, our children's lives are doomed. I, for instance, am absolutely willing to spend considerable time with pleasure to help maintain the park on 13th Main recently built with MLA fund of the then lawmaker Raghu. I am not alone. Hundreds of people are ready. Why then the delay?
Parks are the biggest health giver after water bodies. It is a sad day when we shave all the green patches from our midst and suffer terribly on health quotient.
I suggest smaller parks in each area be made senior citizens' parks so that those in their advanced age can meet here and talk in peace. Their minds are storehouses of wisdom and their welfare should be dear to the society. In fact our association has already approached the horticulture wing of the BBMP to designate the small park in front of Sri Rama Temple at Doopanahalli ward no 112 as a senior citizens' park. The Defence Colony next door has already done this. Let us hope the Palike will give a thought to it.


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