Friday, May 28, 2010


700-Km Stretch Of Roads In City Will Come Under The Project; Vast Green Cover Under Threat
Senthalir S & Sunita Rao R | TNN

Bangalore: The BBMP is gearing once again to widen city roads and knock off any structure that comes in its way. This time it is not just one or two roads but 700-km stretch of road in the city is to be widened.
Road widening work that was halted during the BBMP elections is being taken up again in areas like Banasawadi, BTM Layout, Bannnerghatta Road and other areas.
In all, 700 km of roads will be widened, which includes the signal-free corridor and also on the newly-added five zones. “Part of 37,000 properties, including residential and commercial units as well as vacant sites will be affected. The property owners whose space will be acquired for road widening, will be given transferable development rights (TDR),” T N Chikkarayappa, chief engineer of BBMP, told TOI.
If a property is situated in the way of a larger civic infrastructure development project, the executing agency or government can acquire the property by compensating with transferable development rights (TDR). TDR is issued in lieu of property surrendered for development of public amenities. It legally allows the builder to add more floors to the building or develop property elsewhere in the city. TDR can also be sold.
It is marketed well and accepted in cities like Mumbai and Delhi, but in Bangalore, there has been some resistance. Cash-strapped BBMP is offering TDR instead of giving hefty compensation. If property owners do not want to accept TDR, there is provision in law where the property owner can give a legal notice to BBMP, stating that TDR has been rejected.

Road widening project was basically to decongest city’s traffic. The government is rethinking about the project. Widening of 700-km stretch will cause loss to property and greenery. A study is being conducted to analyze the impact of this project on the roadside trees. We will also look into public protest against accepting TDRs. Giving compensation will not be easy. We are trying to come up with an alternative plan.
—R Ashoka | Bangalore
in-charge minister


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