Thursday, May 20, 2010

Traffic police to get 20 new eyes

Traffic police to get 20 new eyes
By: Madhusudan Maney Date: 2010-05-19 Place: Bangalore

Surveillance cameras installed at important traffic junctions in the city to be increased to 180 in the weeks ahead

The city traffic police plans to install 20 more surveillance cameras to the existing 160 to keep a closer watch on Bangalore's traffic.

ACP (Traffic Training Institute) S A Pasha said, "We are going to install 20 more cameras at a few junctions to monitor traffic and keep an eye on traffic violators.

This system has helped our department manage traffic.

Traffic Sub-Inspector R Sudhir and a traffic constable monitor a traffic corridor at the Automation Centre.

Thousand of cases are booked from this centre. Our men take 'snap shots' of traffic violators feed them to transport department servers. No one can escape this third eye manned by 40 policemen.

With the help of surveillance cameras, around 14 types of visible offenses like riding without a helmet, 'triple ride', no parking, and not obeying signals can be detected in an instant," said Pasha.

"Sitting at a monitoring centre, a policeman can monitor traffic light control system that allows his to increase or decrease the time for which a signal light is on, surveillance cameras, enforcement cameras, traffic automation (for booking cases) and traffic assets (With the help of Google Earth)," says R Sudhir, traffic sub-inspector.

"The city has 314 traffic signal junctions and our cameras are installed in 160 major junctions, where 20 more will be added shortly at Yeshwantpur Circle, Tata Institute Circle (Mathikere Cross), Jalahalli Cross etc.

Apart from these there are five enforcement cameras that take pictures of traffic violations," said Sudhir.

Number of traffic corridors the city has been divided into

37 lakh
Number of vehicles in Bangalore

Number of signal junctions in city


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