Friday, May 28, 2010

Online petition is still alive and kicking

Online petition is still alive and kicking

While on the ground, there is little movement, cyberspace has woken to the Tagore Circle controversy. The public outcry has taken a form of an online petition written by Syed Tanveeruddin on behalf of Basvanagudi residents.
The petition has been addressed to the Supreme Court, the president of India, prime minister, ministry of urban development, governor, chief minister, BBMP, ABIDe and BDA. The petitioner has put various press reports on the underpass.
The public protests being held by the residents have fallen on deaf ears giving impetus to the online petition titled 'Say no to Tagore Circle underpass in Bangalore.'
BK Chandrashekhar, former chairman of the legislative council, has not signed the petition but supports the campaign. "I myself appealed but a lot of important people believe it to be unimportant. Political leaders want the underpass to be built and the corporation commissioner is a hostage. People should have appealed to the CM much earlier," he says.
Mathew Thomas, general secretary of the Citizens' Action Forum, blames the faulty decision making process. A long consultative process is required on issues such as this, he says.


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