Monday, May 03, 2010

No space for development

No space for development
Subhash Chandra N S, DHNS:

Developing the landlocked Mudalapalya is a Herculean task for the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike.

The new ward, a nearly complete revenue pocket, provides no scope for development work, with structures at nook and corner. Majority of the residents seems to have accepted it by just blaming the Government for the mess. Water scarcity, lack of lung space and traffic congestion are the common problems here.

Comprising mostly of the middle class and lower middle class families, this ward has been carved out of the Marenahalli and adjoining wards by including several layouts like SVG Nagar, Panchasheelanagar, Gurlingappa garden, Byraveshwaranagar and Kalyanagar. All these layouts are unplanned except Kalyananagara, a BDA layout. Frequent complaints over absence of civic service centres in the vicinity has fallen on deaf ears for decades.

“The nearest post office is four kms either in Vijayanagar or in Institute of Social and Economic Change. We have to go to Chandra Layout or Housing Board to pay electric or telephone bills,” said S K Anjanappa, a former BSNL employee.

Like any other wards, the problem of water scarcity, garbage disposal and poor sanitation also exist here. Though many borewells by the individual households have supplemented the water supply by Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board, many are in process of going dry unless recharged - an impossible task.

Drying borewells

“Nearly 90 percent of the constructions here are violations of building bylaws. Some of the lakes like Marenahalli lake, Kamakshipalya lake have been either encroached or dried up. Where is the scope for recharging ground water ?” asks V Vardegowda, a former BEL employee.

The unplanned built up area has also affected the traffic. Buses stop at some crucial junctions and block the movement of other vehicles at Moodalapalya junction. This has resulted in several problems like accidents, chain snatching and street brawls.

“We need a police outpost here to address these issues because the nearest police Station is Chandra layout, which is quite far,” says M R Tyagaraj, a businessman here. Even the BDA layout here is without civic amenities like parks and service centres as pointed out by the residents.


Shantala Kumari
Party: BJP
Education: SSLC
Experience: Three time winner and former Deputy Mayor.

What are your plans to address water crisis in your ward ?

Compared to other wards water problem in my ward is not serious. But we do have to initiate certain programmes to ensure ground water table.

How will do it?

People’s participation in rainwater harvesting is significant. But since this will being a congested place and middle class belt, people here need to be educated on water conservation. We need to lead by example. I am planning roof top rainwater harvesting in Government lands, offices, hospitals and then take up awareness programme to the public.

There is a demand for lung space in your ward ?

We will gladly meet the demands. But there are absolutely no civic amenities sites to meet such demands.

City voices

M R Tyagaraj, Businessman: Problems like hit and run, petty crimes like Chain snatching, drunken brawls are common here. We need a Police outpost here to address these issues.

S K Anjanappa, a former BSNL employee: If we need to pay electric bills or telephone bills we have to go to Chandra Layout or Housing Board. The nearest post office is four kms away.

V Varadegowda, former BEL employee: Nearly 90 per cent of the constructions here are violations of building bylaws. Some of the lakes are either encroached or dried up except Malathalli lake.


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