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Knee-jerk reaction to Govt proposal

Knee-jerk reaction to Govt proposal
Bangalore, May 27:

‘Appalling...’, ‘Ridiculous...’, ‘Has the horticulture department lost its senses?...’, ‘Why is the government hellbent on spoiling Lalbagh?...’, ‘It is a money making scheme...’.

These and more are the reactions of Bangaloreans to the government proposal to have a musical fountain and conduct a laser show in Lalbagh botanical gardens.
Responding to the invitation to express their views on the issue ‘Lalbagh or Fun Park’, readers flooded the Deccan Herald email inbox. Here are some excerpts.

City’s pride

Lalbagh should remain the way it is. It is Bangalore's pride and nothing should be done to ruin it. The government must first clean the garbage lying around in

Surabhi Mishra

Appalling plan

The plan is unilateral, uninformed and sinister. Over the decades, we are a witness to erosion of Lalbagh and Cubbon Park. It is outrageous that the Chief Minister can, in one visit decide how Lalbagh should be spruced up.

Smita Bellur

Useless project

It is appalling to read the Horticulture Department plans for ‘beautification’ of Lalbagh. It is nothing short of preposterous. To make a rock garden for people to sit and watch a laser show is a sacrilege.

Leela Krishnamohan

Clean Lalbagh

The government must just clean Lalbagh and not construct buildings. Let the government not hand over the gardens to private companies.

Arasappa Shetty Thyagaraj

Have fountain elsewhere A portion of Lalbagh is already being taken for the Metro. The Government can think of creating a musical fountain at General Cariappa Park.

C R Seshadri

A farce

Dr Mari Gowda, the officer who developed Lalbagh, must be turning in his grave. Citizens should strongly oppose any change in Lalbagh.

L Narayana

Developers’ plan

There are innumerable instances where ‘developers’ collude with politicians and bureaucrats to mindlessly destroy ambience of the City. The Lalbagh project is just an another case.

S N Balasubrahmanyam

Let Sasya Kashi be

It will surely be a big commercial racket, caring two hoots to ‘Sasya Kashi’ as Kuvempu described it.



Estimate of Rs 29 crores for Lalbagh is ridiculous. Allocation of Rs. 50,000 for each dust bin clearly show who pockets such money!

U N Bhat

Thanks, GSI!

I'm 15. Thanks to Geological Survey of India which is against disturbing the rocks in Lalbagh. People come to Lalbagh to walk, jog, exercise, etc., and not to sit and enjoy. Laser shows will disturb birds. I strongly protest against the plans to meddle with the beauty of the gardens.

Rajiv Krishna

Don’t cut trees!

Bangalore does not need an amusement park. We must keep the lung space and keep Bangalore green. No more tree cutting.

Prof Sheila Prasad


The Rs 29-crore plan is an opportunity to swindle the tax payers' money. It is for officials’ ‘facelift' and not for the botanical gardens. Let Lalbagh remain Lalbagh.

T Vardhese

Smell a rat!

I am shocked! Despite people’s protest, if the government still want to proceed with its plan, I smell a rat. Someone's pocket is going to filled at the cost of the hapless trees.

Dr Anand

Funds for amusement?

Some months ago, the government wanted to increase the entry fee to Lalbagh on the grounds that it had no funds for development. Where is it getting funds to provide amusement?

R S Khemka

Save it

As someone who's lived in Bangalore most of her life, I request that Lalbagh not be turned into a rock garden.


Plant more trees
Lalbagh as it is so beautiful. Why people are thinking only to spoil it? Let them plant more and more species of trees. Why do we require all these musical fountains, amusement park inside lalbagh?


Floral temple
Poet Kuvempu has rightly said that this is a floral temple and God rests in the form of flowers. If one has an inner eye, he can experience divinity here. Any additions or alterations here definetly spoil the natural ambiance groomed systematically by the founders and subsequent british and indian directors of this garden.

Suresh Moona

Dumb Idea
Horticulture Director N Jayaram's idea of converting Lalbagh in to a amusement park, is dumb and stupid. Please leave this park alone. Let people walk in this park in peace.

K R Venkataramaiah

Force change
Ordinary methods of opposing will not work here. Organisers of this campaign must not only rope in not only local residents in vast numbers but also take the help of several celebrities for the cause. The official machinery of the Government can be compared to the maoists of Dantewada. The opposing group must strive persistently and permanently shut the mouth of the concerned authorities in one go!

BG Subhash


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