Wednesday, May 26, 2010

GSI dashes State’s Lalbagh dreams

GSI dashes State’s Lalbagh dreams
P M Raghunandan, Bangalore, May 25, DHNS:

With the the Geological Survey of India (GSI) around, it may not be all that easy for the State Horticulture Department to realise its dream project — a musical fountain and a rock garden at the Lalbagh Gardens.

Any work on the monumental Kempe Gowda rock requires a GSI nod, and the department has made no efforts so far to seek it. According to GSI, the proposed fountain and rock garden might pose a threat to the rock.

The State government’s plan is to construct the musical fountain at the foot of the monolithic rock formation (at the western base area of the Kempe Gowda Tower). The concrete artificial pond, on which the fountain will be set up, will also come up in front of Cacti House inside Lalbagh, sources told Deccan Herald.

However, according to GSI, construction cannot be taken up on the rock. “GSI has declared the rock a national geological monument. It is a rare rock formation that needs to be preserved. Nobody can take up any work on it,” GSI director (Technology) B V Ganesh said.

The government cannot take up beautification work on the rock. “It is by itself very beautiful. Nowhere in the country can one find such a rock formation. The Horticulture department has not sought our permission for taking up any work,” he said.


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