Friday, May 28, 2010

Civic bodies mum, shop owners fume

Civic bodies mum, shop owners fume

Fear has gripped residents and shop owners of BTM
Layout and Bannerghatta Road. “We do not know when they are going to demolish the buildings. A notice was thrown into shops and houses here. It was not addressed to any particular person. The notice only mentioned that property owners have to apply for TDR. It doesn’t even specify when will it be done,” said Srinivas Murthy, a resident of BTM Layout.
“Most of the residents here are retired bank employees. BDA had allotted this land to us. The first notice was issued only last month. Where do we go if houses and shops are demolished? They are not even talking about compensation,” he added.
Shaju, who runs a bakery on BTM Layout, is not aware of the road-widening project. The notice might have been served on the shop owner. “However, we haven’t got any intimation even from the owner. We do not know what is happening,” he said.
Inayat, another shop owner, said property owners have formed an association against the roadwidening project. “The association has made representations to the chief minister and local MLA. We have been in this area for the past 35 years,” said Varnamala, a resident.
What has irked residents is the lack of communication from BBMP and BDA.”I did not go to vote this time. No one is giving a clear picture on what the plan is. Sometimes, officials say the plan to widen the road is scrapped. There is no one to communicate to us about this properly.” The delay has also led to depreciation of property value. “The value has come down by 50 per cent. We are not able to rent out the house as there are no takers. People are confused whether to construct any buildings on this stretch,” he said.


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