Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Auto rip-off, buses leak

Auto rip-off, buses leak

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As usual it was the autorickshaw drivers who made the most of the heavy rain that the city received on Sunday. The few that braved the downpour to ferry passengers, not only refused to go in directions that did not interest them, they also demanded huge fares, forcing people to give in as the rain left them with little choice in the matter.
“The few autos that are seen on city roads during heavy spells of rain, demand triple or four times the regular fare,” complains Sneha Singhal, a business analyst, who had to shell out Rs 200 for a 7 km auto ride Sunday evening. Neeru Singh, a software engineer, is upset that autos are almost never to be found when they are needed the most, such as when people are looking for transport on a rainy day. Many are therefore left stranded on the

roads until the skies clear.
“There has to be a rule in place to ensure that there are an adequate number of autos on the streets at all times.

Otherwise what is the use of having so many of them in the city,” asks Neeru, who was stranded in Koramangala for over an hour during Sunday’s stormy weather.

There is another fallout — buses get inevitably crowded when autos are not around.

“Some of the buses even leak and allow rain water seep in from overhead, which makes travelling on them even more of a problem,” says Sharanya V., a student.

Transport officers advise people to complain about errant auto drivers. “People can send in an email complaint giving the registration number of the auto and the time and place of the incident. We will then alert the respective zonal RTO which can summon the auto driver and take action,” says joint commissioner for transport Vijay Vikram.


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