Friday, April 02, 2010

Memorial keeps peace with trees

Memorial keeps peace with trees

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4 eucalyptus trees are going to be cut but 20 to 30 plants will be sown in their place

The Committee of National Military Memorial has claimed that only four trees will be chopped down to make space for the military memorial at the Indira Gandhi Musical Park premises. The members have termed allegations that 30 trees would be felled to build the long awaited National military memorial park as baseless and completely untrue.
“Four eucalyptus trees are going to be cut but we are also going to sow 20 to 30 new plants in their place at the musical park,” a committee member told Deccan Chronicle.

He added that people are bound to question the committee’s silence when protests were raging across the city.
“The primary reason is that even we were not aware of reports that 30 trees would be felled and have no idea where those numbers came from,” he said.Reiterating their cause to honour

those who have laid down their lives for the country, the member said, "We are not harming the ecology nor are we breaking any Park act. The memorial park is an endeavour of the state of Karnataka to remember those who sacrificed their lives for the country and we will respect the ecology while doing so." The military memorial is also said to house a twostorey monolithic rock monument called ‘Veeragallu’ to pay homage to the martyrs.
It will also, said the committee, showcase in detail the heritage of Karnataka.

The committee wanted the memorial, which is stipulated to be set up on less than half of the area of the Indira Gandhi Musical Park, to be accessible to everyone.

“That is why it is not being built on Army property,” the committee stated.

“We are portraying this as a civilian tribute to martyrs and hence do not want people to experience several security restrictions that an Army-managed land will hold,” said the member.


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