Monday, April 26, 2010

He has set his eyes on lake and water

He has set his eyes on lake and water

Sandhya KS and Raghunath S

CV Raman Nagar ward's councillor M Krishnappa wants to prove he is not merely a loyal saffron soldier but also a development planner. The corporator says he hears the word "water" 500 times a day and he very well knows the priority.
He also knows that breaking his head on the rock of BWSSB for steady water supply to residents is a near-futile job. He has, therefore, set his eyes on two workable things: bringing life back into the Kaggadaspura Lake and digging more bore wells. But, like elsewhere, residents are making pledges to go in for rainwater harvesting methods this season. Hundreds of houses can do that and save gallons of water, he says.
"Being the fastest growing area of the city, it needs a lot of supervision by the authorities," he says during the ward yatra with DNA.
The lake occupying about 45 acres of land will solve the problem of water scarcity if it is freed from the muck and slush it is dumped on with. The corporator is drawing up a plan to get it done before monsoon although he knows too well the task is easier said than done as the lake has turned into a convenient dumping ground.
He also has plans to build a park for children and walking track beside the lake. The development of the lake needs support and financial help. That he will have to look for. And the lake could at best recharge the underground water table.
After his initial feel-around, he had gathered that his ward needs a community centre that could prove the social nerve centre for all the residents. The centre will have a good library and a theatre.
There are no high schools and colleges in the ward. Only government primary schools are there. "I have asked the higher authorities to help me to set up government schools and colleges for higher education to the poor. Very soon, it will be implemented," he says.
Fast development has led to depletion of greenery. Whatever open spaces available will be used for planting saplings.


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