Tuesday, April 13, 2010

‘Happening place’ is a reservoir of dogs

‘Happening place’ is a reservoir of dogs
Poornima Nataraj, Apr 12:

Considered to be one of the posh areas in Bangalore, Koramangala came into existence just 20 years ago.

Once feared for snakes and mosquitoes, is now a bustling part of the City known for its cosmopolitan population, making it one of the most happening places for the urban crowd.

Housing some of the big names in the business, health and IT industry, Koramangala is also a home for thousands of software engineers. Barring a few pocket, Koramangala does not suffer from acute water shortage like the rest of the City.
Garbage and Stray dogs

However, Koramangala, like elsewhere in Bangalore, too suffers from slapdash garbage dumping on the streets, with little effort made for garbage collection. Residents complain of litter bugs who dump their garbage on the streets at night, which is not just a public hygiene issue but has also led to increasing number of stray dogs. One of the suggestions made by residents was to construct a compost making unit using the garbage.

Water logging

A few parts of Koramangala are low-lying areas with poor storm water drains and the sewerage lines. Residents in 8th Block have severe problems, especially during rainy season when water enters their houses. In spite of requesting BWSSB (Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board) to change sewerage pipes, no action has been forthcoming.

The newly-elected corporator is quite aware about the problems in the area and is planning to conduct meetings with the residents.


B N Kokila
(Congress Corporator)
Education: B.A
Family: Radhakrishna husband) Dharshan (son) and Deepti (daughter)
Assets: Rs. 22.17 crore
Liabilities: Rs. 8.65 crore

What are the main roblems in your ward?

Apart from water scarcity in few areas, hygiene, garbage and stray dogs are some of the glaring problems here.
I am receiving all kinds of letters by residents mentioning their problems everyday.

What are your plans to ddress the problems?

I am planning to send water tankers to areas affected with water shortage. I want to have meetings to discuss with residents on how to deal with the garbage problem. My priority right now is to desilt drains and clean the storm water drains before monsoon begins.

K S Govindarajan: The sewage pipes in many places are quite old which and need to replaced immediately.

Suguna: Due to irregular garbage collection, people tend to dump garbage anywhere including vacant sites.

Lakshmi: We dread the rainy season as sewerage lines are not const- ructed properly and water enters our houses.


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