Monday, April 26, 2010

GREAT name POSEs BIG challengeS

GREAT name POSEs BIG challengeS

Civic leader seeks a competitive edge for CV Raman Nagar ward

Sandhya KS and Raghunath S

"I have a challenging job," says M Krishnappa, the civic leader chosen to represent CV Raman Nagar ward, excitedly as he gets ready to start a ward yatra with DNA on Saturday, the day after swearing-in.
"My aim is to bring this ward, named after India's great son CV Raman, on par with the upscale neighbourhood, Indiranagar. And not just on par, but way ahead," he says.
Krishnappa is always besieged with scores of supporters and friends who engage him in talks on politics and the ward's needs. He sets out on an interactive session with the residents by pointing at the mind-boggling construction activity the place had witnessed. So the ward's biggest challenge now is getting additional land for civic amenities, he says.
"It is a preferred address for well-to-do people and high-ranking officials," he explains. But it also has a middle-class profile with babus working from defence and related units.
"Solve our water problem first," most people who greet him on the way tell him. Being one of the basic needs, water tops their list of woes. But water logging and poor state of Kaggadaspura Lake also draw anguished voices asking their new leader to do something that the MLA or MP has not bothered about. "Those leaders will make another appearance here only during the next elections," says a young professional half in jest.
As people complain to him on micro-level problems such as street lamps that don't burn and stray dogs that pounce on passersby, Krishnappa tells them he is collecting data on such problems. He plans to float an NGO to help him serve the people better.
"I need continuous feedback and also reliable information on what's happening in my ward," he tells DNA.
He enumerates his priorities: bringing Cauvery water and digging more bore wells, getting the Kaggadasapura Lake thoroughly cleaned, massive tree planting drive, regular solid waste collection, mini sewage water treatment plants, a large all-in-one community hall, better transport facility including more facilities to CV Raman Nagar bus stand, and improvement of slums and profitable employment for the able-bodied youth living there.
Security is not much of a problem. Barring minor scuffles and thefts, no major crimes take place, thanks to the presence of DRDO, he whispers.
The corporator tells everybody that he will bring sufficient Cauvery water to the ward. "The pipelines have already been laid and discussions have been initiated with the BWSSB in this regard. Maybe, we will get water in a year," he says.
"Lack of enough buses and a bus stand are the main hurdles the young working population faces," says Priya Madhu, a resident. She ridicules the BMTC's "gimmick" of a periodical 'bus day' and then ignoring the concerns of the commuters on other days.
"We'll soon have a good bus stand in our ward," the corporator tells the agitated people.
Bad roads and chaotic traffic are complaints that pop up quite often during his interaction with the people. Vehicular population is increasing leaps and bounds and roads are not growing correspondingly. Amid lack of traffic discipline, accidents are increasing too.
Being close to Indiranagar and the IT hubs, CV Raman Nagar is a preferred residential area and it witnesses an influx of young IT crowd. Keeping amenities in tandem with the ward's growth is a daunting task, the corporator says.
The prestige of the ward has gone up after a road running through the DRDO township has been named after former president APJ Abdul Kalam.
Krishnappa has a secret sorrow — low turn out for voting. He very much wants the election commission to facilitate online voting for the working youth. Will the EC listen?Fare well: M Krishnappa gets the blessings of a senior resident during his ward yatra


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