Saturday, April 03, 2010

Come May, water rate to rise 33-200%

Come May, water rate to rise 33-200%

Bangalore: After milk and petrol, here’s another blow, and it’s a cruel one. Water will cost a lot more — the hike is in the range of 33% to 200%, and will be implemented in the May 1 bill, BWSSB minister Katta Subramanya Naidu said on Friday. He was inspecting the Cauvery 4th Stage 2nd Phase project. The reason behind the hike, says the department, is that BWSSB is reeling under severe loss. The slabs for water tariff for different consumers will be outlined and revealed after cabinet approval.
“We have to get cabinet approval to implement this. We are confident we will get approval within a week,” Katta said. The hike will be based on consumption level, and the lower-middle-class and middle-class consumers will not be affected severely, the minister said.
“The hike is proportionate to the consumption of water. Those falling under the minimum slab will have to pay Rs 36. The slabs are being revised and the new structure will have six or seven slabs,” said BWSSB chairman P B Ramamurthy.
He said the particulars will be made public after cabinet approval. “We cannot supply water under loss, people have to bear the losses,” Katta defended the hike.
Reason for hike: BWSSB facing losses Minimum slab will start from Rs 36, now it is Rs 48 There will be six to seven slabs With effect from May 1 Water rate to go up after five years The Revised Slab Structure Will Have Six Or Seven Blocks
Bangalore: To be fair to the government, the water tariff has not been hiked from 2005. In 2002 and 2005, the tariff was revised due to an increase in power tariff. However, from 2005, water tariff has been steady.
Out of the Rs 100 crore spent on supply every month, BWSSB is able to recover only Rs 48 crore, and is facing a depreciation of 176.93 per cent in revenue, according to the minister.
The department is also spending Rs 2,500 crore for pipeline work in TK Halli, Rs 1,000 crore for a sewage treatment plant, Rs 800 crore for zero sewerage project and Rs 1,000 crore for 1,000 million litres of water per day.
There will be six to seven slabs in the revised version, according to the minister.
He gave an example: In the present slab, for 10,000 litres, consumers are paying Rs 90, but after revision, they will pay Rs 110. Now, the slab starts at 0 to 8,000 litres, and 8,000 to 25,000 litres. But five new slabs will be introduced between 0 to 25,000 in the revised plan.
Katta also announced that they are planning to get 15 tmcft from different sources in the city, and another 10 tmcft is likely to be added from rainwater harvesting projects. By 2013, all the 198 wards are likely to get BWSSB water supply. A 24/7 water supply pilot project will be introduced soon in 10 wards he said.
Rs 6 per kilolitre (1,000 litres) up to 25,000 litres
Rs 9 per kilolitre between 8,001 and 25,000 litres
MUMBAI Middle and upper middle-class colonies:
Rs 3.50 per kl (1,000 litres)
Slum areas: Rs 2.25 per kl
Commercial: Rs 18-38 per kl
DELHI Domestic
Rs 2 per kl (1,000 litre) for first 10 kl
Rs 3 per kl for 10-20 kl slab
Rs 15 per kl for 20-30 kl
Rs 25 per kl above 30 kl
Rs 10 per kl for first 10 kl
Rs 20 per kl for 10-25 kl slab
Rs 50 per kl for 25-50 kl slab
Rs 80 per kl for 50-100 kl slab
Rs 100 per kl for 100 and above kl


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