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Scorching summer, raging miseries

Scorching summer, raging miseries
Bangalore: Mar 2, DHNS

The transformation from the wintry chill to scorching summer heat has been dramatic and quick this year.

Temperatures are soaring, and it is mighty uncomfortable walking under the afternoon sun. But the change in weather has also brought with it the fears of outbreak of seasonal diseases.

Despite the Meteorological department’s claim that the weather is not all that hot, Bangaloreans are not convinced, and are surprised at the stark change in temperature.
For the record, falling sick in summer is very common. Water-borne diseases such as gastroenteritis, viral fever, diarrhoea and typhoid cases are bound to increase this season.

Many affected
Although it is still early days on the disease front, some City hospitals have already begun receiving patients with summer related illnesses.
Dr Shiva Prasad from K C General Hospital said that there have been at least 20 cases of viral fever reported every day.

"Every summer, we receive large number of gastroenteritis cases as high water contamination occurs during this season. We are receiving even cases of dehydration causing vomiting and diarrhea," he said.
Apart from water contamination, eating from hawkers, especially fruits and other eatables kept uncovered on road sides also cause diarrhea, Dr Shiva Prasad added.

Skin problems in summer
Besides water borne diseases, skin diseases and infections are also caused during summer. Dr B D Tilak, Medical Superintendent, Victoria Hospital says, "Skin allergies are also very common during summer. People do not maintain their hygiene and due to heat and sweat, fungal infections are formed on the skin. It is better to take bath twice a day and to maintain cleanliness," he said. Dehydration is very common especially among children as they tend to eat from the hawkers and drink very less water.

"It is very important to drink clean water during the hot days. Drinking tender coconut or water with salt and lime is advisable," Dr Tilak added.
Dr Rajanna, Resident Medical Officer of Bowring and Lady Curzon Hospital said "till now not many cases have been reported."
DH News Service

Dos in summer
Drink lots of clean water
Try to drink tender coconut or water with salt and lime to maintain the Electrolyte Balance.
Eat healthy diet which includes a lot of vegetables
Take bath twice a day and apply moisturiser
Wear light cotton clothes to avoid skin rashes

Don’ts in summer
Do not drink water from tanks that are kept open.
Do not eat from hawkers especially food items that are kept uncovered
Avoid spicy and oily food items
Do not keep water stagnated outside houses, clear it as soon as possible
Avoid wearing tight and nylon clothes.


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