Thursday, March 18, 2010

Residents set deadline, BBMP obeys

Residents set deadline, BBMP obeys

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It was a count down that the BBMP took note of. People and traders of Kamaraj Road demonstrated the power of public pressure with a difference, by erecting a banner giving a countdown to March 17 for the opening of a bridge in their locality and found to their surprise, that it actually worked. The bridge built over a storm water drain was inaugurated on Wednesday.
The BBMP worked hard to complete the work pending on the bridge in a record five days, apparently to meet the deadline set by the Kamaraj Road Traders, Temples’ and Residents’ Association, whose founder president, Pradeep Kumar is expectedly jubilant.

“The bridge was far from complete just a few days ago. We have had to put up with a temporary bridge constructed with poles

across the storm water drain for a long time. If we had not taken this step, the bridge would have still not been built,” he said.
The traders decided to act

after the opening of the bridge was delayed by a month by contractors and display the banner, giving the countdown to its inauguration. “The work on the bridge started in November last year and was supposed to be completed by February 25.
The officers had given us a written commitment that it would be finished on time after we staged a dharna as the business of 200 shops has been badly hit by the project," Mr Kumar added.

The traders feel they have

had a lucky break as the BBMP took one-and-a-half years to complete a similar project on St John’s Road.
“If we had not put pressure, we too would have suffered a similar fate and lost more more of our business,” said a trader, Kumar Niketan.

All the traders want now is for the road to be asphalted and the debris cleared so that they can get back to business as usual.


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