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Be a mitra, look out for namma city

Be a mitra, look out for namma city

Pradeep Kumar, Malleswaram
How does one enrol into the civil defence programme? What are the requirements?
If interested in being a part of the civil defence initiative, you may collect a certain form from the office on Mudaliar Road in Ulsoor and submit it after filling up all the required details. The person has to be above 18 years of age, and the minimum qualification is fourth class pass. The person will be enrolled as a civil defence warden after police verification. The other posts in the civil defence force are chief warden, four deputy chief wardens, division wardens, deputy division wardens, post wardens and sector wardens.

swati patil, Rajajinagar
What kind of training does a civil defence warden undergo?
After being enrolled, the person has to go through an induction course involving watermanship course, rifle training, fire fighting, communication skills, advance rescue course, first aid and 10 different types of training programme that extend to a couple of months. The appointment of civil defence wardens will depend on the divisions. There are 50 divisions in Bangalore, based on police station jurisdictions, and at least two to three police stations fall under one division.
ajit p, Benson Town
What is the area suraksha mitra initiative all about? Is that also part of being a civil defence warden?
Yes. Area suraksha mitra is a new concept that involves people from every neighbourhood. We require every neighbourhood to enrol and be a part of this initiative. The area suraksha mitra is a civil defence initiative for citizen preparedness during troubled times.

madhu k, Nandini Layout
What role will an area suraksha mitra play?
Once an area suraksha mitra signs up with the civil defence wing, he/she will play several roles, including coordinating with police authorities, exchanging information, establishing the identities of people in their sector, acting as a point of contact between the civil defence wing and the neighbourhood, conducting sector reconnaissance of vacant houses, looking out for fire hazards, attending periodic mock drills in coordination with the authorities, helping recruit volunteers for civil defence forces, assisting the police, fire department and home guards during critical times, and reporting proactively on aspects like strangers in the area, criminals, new tenants, foreigners and suspicious objects.

salman atiq, Fraser Town
How will area suraksha mitras operate?
We are still in the process of appointing area suraksha mitras. We require more people to enrol and get trained. People from all walks of life, including teachers, students, IT professionals and former defence personnel, are welcome to join us. Once we establish it, area suraksha mitras will operate from every neighbourhood in the city. After all the 5,000 area suraksha mitras are put in place, every street of Bangalore – with its population of 80 lakh-plus – will be covered.

Rajesh parthasarthy, Koramangala
What lies ahead for the civil defence wing?
We are planning to set up civil defence wings in all the districts across the state. Currently, we have it only at Bangalore, Karwar, Kaiga and Raichur. Also, the civil defence department has placed a proposal of having civil defence as a subject in the school syllabus. For information on how to enrol as a civil defence warden or an area suraksha mitra, dial 25573553.


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