Tuesday, March 02, 2010

BBMP underpass will get a facelift

BBMP underpass will get a facelift
Sandeep Moudgal, Mar 1, Bangalore, dhns:

Jaywalking seems to be definitely the in-thing on the City’s streets. Pedestrians often risk their lives crossing the busy roads, even at locations where pedestrian underpasses have come up.

Taking note of the under-utilisation of these underpasses, constructed with much fanfare, the Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) has now decided to give a facelift to these structures. Arranging security for these underpasses is also high on the Palike’s agenda as there have been instances of illegal activities. The BBMP Commissioner, Bharath Lal Meena recently directed the Zonal Commissioners to float tenders for providing maintenance and security to all pedestrian underpasses in the City.
The tenders will be floated by the BBMP zonal offices and there will be a time limit for the use of underpasses. “In order to safeguard and maintain these underpasses, we will introduce a time limit on the use of the underpasses,” said a BBMP

According to the directions issued by the Palike Commissioner, the security agencies who bid for the tenders will have to maintain and monitor the movement of pedestrians in these underpasses.

The time limit for the underpass usage will depend upon the frequency of citizens and the peak hours for people who use the underpass. “For instance, the underpasses along Nrupathunga Road is primarily used during the peak hour from 8 am to 9 pm. The security agency will be responsible to open these underpasses and close them when not in use,” said an official.

On other stretches such as the Kempegowda Bus Stand, the BBMP has asked the the Zonal Commissioner of that area to ensure security. The Kempegowda bus stand pedestrian underpass had been tendered thrice by the West Zone for maintenance and security. However, with no expression of interest from any security agency, the Palike has now given the contract to an agency which is now implementing a nominal charge for using the underpass. “Since no agency showed interest in maintaining the underpass at the Kempegowda bus stand, we had to lease it to an agency that volunteered,” said another BBMP official. he agency in question is now paying the BBMP a sum of Rs 20,000 per month.


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