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The VIP enclave of the city

The VIP enclave of the city

Poonam BiswakarmaFirst Published : 23 Feb 2010 06:46:44 AM ISTLast Updated : 23 Feb 2010 07:27:35 AM IST
BANGALORE: “It’s one of the most famous areas in Bangalore.
The VIPs live here. Big-shot corporates live here,” says 24-year-old Sindhu, an employee of Pink, a women’s fitness centre. Prashanth, 26, who works at an eatery, spells out some of these VIPs’ names with a hint of pride, “The next house is Sangliana’s (former MP and supercop Dr HT Sangliana).
Rahul Dravid lives a little ahead, on this very road, maybe five to seven buildings from here.
Dravid’s house is called Srishti.” Let’s take you to the scene where these Bangaloreans are exuberant about sharing their neighbourhood with the crème de la crème of the city.
It’s the serene and tree-lined 12th Main Road in one of the posh localities of the city called Indiranagar.
The 12th Main, which is a few kilometers in length, has a well-balanced mix of residential and commercial establishments. One notable feature is the manifold independent houses and bungalows that have been adorning the area for years now. These houses share a common personality, which is distinct when compared to houses in other localities in the city. Titles like IAS, IPS, MBBS or Advocate with the ‘Beware of dog’ sign completes the welcome note in most houses here.
Unlike elsewhere, most of the houses on this road have not been recently constructed. The simple, non-fussy, yet elegant architecture of most of the constructions calls for admiration; the houses may not be freshly painted, but the muted colours they bear are evident results of sophisticated taste. Whites, beiges, greys or browns rule the lane. There is absolutely no room for bright colours here! However, there a few odd buildings that use vivid paints to the maximum. And, when they do so, they use them in the most alluring way in the form of Mickey Mouses, Donald Ducks and other toon characters at pre-schools like ‘Neev’ and ‘Kiddy’s Nook’.
This road, which cuts across two of the busiest roads -- 100 Feet Road and 80 Feet Road, is equipped with all modern amenities. If there are high-end beauty salons like Kaya, Lakme and Mousse, then there are also traditional health centres like Ayush, Kerala Ayurveda and Ojus. Also in the vicinity are many state-of-the-art fitness centres, swish service apartments and executive suites.
It’s also an avenue for shopaholics. For those who love shopping for their living space there are exquisite furnishing houses in galore. Music lovers and gadget freaks can drop in at Planet M, Music World or Laptop World. For those who love to flaunt brands, they have a few options too, and if you want more, you can always come to the showroom-lined 100 Feet Road.
If you are hungry, then this place has a host of fine dining options -- 6 Ballygunge Palace, a Bengal speciality restaurant and Daddy’s Deli, which serves Parsi delicacies are the most popular ones, besides the CCDs and other ice cream joints.
If you are thinking you may run out of cash pampering your indulgences, don’t fret. Banks and ATMs, like HDFC, SBI, Corporation Bank and more, are lined one after the other on a stretch.


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