Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sip hot coffee on ride to BIA

Sip hot coffee on ride to BIA

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Air passengers, morning cup of coffee or breakfast, will soon be able to enjoy them on board the Volvo buses taking them to the airport.
A full-fledged catering service is being planned on all the Volvo buses going to the airport as the BMTC is satisfied with the response to the commudine pantry service introduced on eight Vajra buses as an experi- ment in July 2009 on the ITPL, Electronics City and BIA routes.

The buses, which operate between 6 am and 11.30 pm, will be able to serve refreshments to people catching an early morning or late night flight in the one hour that it takes to reach the airport, explains a BMTC official.

Passengers will have a choice from idlis, dosas and burgers, besides tea, coffee and soup, all priced reason- ably to suit their purses.

"We are in talks with the commudine service provider to set up pantries in all the 63 Vayu Varja buses.
The service will be intro- duced once the price is worked out," he adds.

Regular air travellers are expectedly happy with the plan to serve them food on board the buses enroute to the airport.

"It will be nice to be able to enjoy a cup of coffee or a snack on the buses early morning," says one such commuter Promila Mukhe- jree. But there are apprehen- sions the buses may begin to smell or get infested with rats once the pantry services begin unless the BMTC cleans them every day.

The corporation, however, puts such apprehensions to rest, assuring that that pas- sengers will have no cause for complaint on this front.


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