Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Parking fee being collected without sanction?

Parking fee being collected without sanction?

Staff Reporter
Those going to Mahila Sahayavani are forced to pay

It is Rs. 8 for

four-wheelers, Rs. 2 for two-wheelers

BANGALORE: Those going to the Mahila Sahayavani or the offices of the Additional Commissioner of Police and the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic East) in their vehicles are forced to shell out a parking fee even though there is no mention of it anywhere on the premises.

Since January, a fee of Rs. 8 for four-wheelers and Rs. 2 for two-wheelers is being collected for parking vehicles on the first floor and second floor of the Shivajinagar bus terminus. While the first floor is exclusively for parking, the second floor has been given to the traffic police by the BMTC.

Apart from offices of Additional Commissioner and the Deputy Commissioner of Police, the second floor is a place where several autorickshaw drivers come with their vehicles for the renewal of display cards. Several women come to the Mahila Sahayavani with complaints related to domestic issues.

Though there is no official signage about a parking fee on the second floor, motorists are forced to pay up.

“We have taken a contract for both floors and parking fee has to be paid,” said a representative of the contractor who collects the fee.


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