Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lakeview will return to M G Road

Lakeview will return to M G Road

Bangalore: Sweltering heat and frequent power cuts are reasons enough to dampen your spirits. Never mind, though, for here’s some cheerful news. The legendary Lakeview restaurant, famous for its variety of ice creams, is reopening on M G Road after a hiatus of three years.
The 80-year-old unit known for its ‘drive-in’ service shut down on July 31, 2007. After relocating to St Mark’s Road, it is set to reopen at the newly constructed Kannan building in the next few days.
The opening, due last Friday, was delayed due to technical issues in construction of the new premises. “The scaffolding hasn’t been taken off and there are minor details remaining,” hotel proprietor Deepak Vrajilal said.
Also, frequent power cuts in the area have proven to be a setback, warranting use of a generator. “The authorities are reluctant to allow use of generator for only one unit in the building, fearing wastage. However, the issues will be settled in a couple of days,” Vrajilal said.
Besides the original fare of ice creams, burgers, pizzas, milkshakes and salads, Lakeview plans to expand the menu to include sugar-free cakes and ice creams, and more options for continental breakfast.


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