Sunday, February 28, 2010

Bisi-bisi dosa-coffee can't get better than this

Bisi-bisi dosa-coffee can't get better than this

For the authentic South Indian snack, head to Ganesh Darshan in Jayanagar, the pioneer in the dosa camp concept of being served hot dosas straight off the pan. Sindhu Murthy reports

Sindhu Murthy

When in South Bangalore and passing through Jayanagar IV block, you would have noticed a sea of people milling around a roadside food joint. This usually crowded fast-food centre is Ganesh Darshan (popularly referred to as GD), a self-service fast-food hub that made famous the dosa camp concept of serving dosas straight from the pan on to your plate.
GD is famous for dosas roasted to near perfection. It's also infamous for long queues of people waiting to be served. Patrons flock here for dosa, ritualistically follow it up with a steaming cuppa.
To some, visiting GD is like an illness they choose not to be cured of. Stopping by for masala dosa and coffee every time I pass by Jayanagar is an OCD," says Karthik Kumar, an IT professional who makes a stop every morning, on his way from Banashankari to office in Koramangala. And his OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) resurfaces in the evening, when he returns home.
The choice of locality was a no-brainer, says Ramachandra Bhatt, manager. "GD is located here since South Bangalore houses old Bangaloreans, who prefer vegetarian eats." Bhatt says: We started in 1989 and in 1993, our Dosa Camp became a rage as we dish out varieties peculiar to our kitchen." They are adept at innovating. GD makes dosas with almost every vegetable used in sambhar, and most fruits. Besides the usual masala, plain, onion and set dosas, had you imagined that dosas could be made of sapota, mango, jackfruit, pineapple, tomato and carrot too? The best part is they don't ruin the authenticity of the regular potato and onion masala dosa, instead they appetise enough to try all varieties. Don't miss sabakki, methi and pudina dosas.
"The rottis — akki, avarekaayi and ragi — are sought-after too," Bhatt says, adding that they make as many varieties of chutneys as dosas. "Every day of the week we have a new kind of chutney — coconut, tomato, pudina, coriander, groundnut, sesame, moong dal..." All items are made with "pure ingredients, including the ghee and spices." Groceries are from the mandi close-by. Snacks are made by cooks, who are all from South Canara.
Let the aromas of GD lure you here. Every morsel will more than make up for your effort, we promise.
Drop in at # 224, 8th main, 3rd block, Jayanagar, Call 41505554. Open: 7am to 10.30pm. They take catering orders.


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