Friday, February 26, 2010

Basavangudi residents’ plea to Lokayukta

Basavangudi residents’ plea to Lokayukta
Bangalore, Feb 25, DHNS

The Residents Welfare Association (RWA) of Basavangudi on Thursday lodged a complaint with the Lokayukta over the ‘unwarranted underpass at the Tagore Circle.’

In a petition submitted to Justice Sanotsh Hegde, the residents of Basavangudi appealed to him to look into the matter. The petition submitted to the Lokayukta states that the underpass was thrust upon the citizens by the authorities where it was not required. They have also listed names of eminent people including bureaucrats, sitting MLAs and former ministers who opposed the project.

The petition also carried figures on the Passenger Car Units (PCUs)/hr that was conducted by an independent third party consultant which also disputes the official figures as shown by STUP consultants under Government directions.

Meanwhile, the residents have also asked the Lokayukta to investigate into the report by the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) formed for the purpose of looking into the feasibility of the Tagore Circle underpass.


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