Tuesday, January 26, 2010

This Republic Day Lalbagh goes litter free

This Republic Day Lalbagh goes litter free
Bangalore, Jan 25, DH News Service:

Saahas, a City-based organisation specialising in solid waste management, has pledged to make Lalbagh, a litter-free zone this Republic Day between 9 am and 5 pm.

And, techies working for reputed firms like HSBC and TCS will chip in for the cause along with the NGO's activists.

During the "Litter-free Lalbagh" campaign, street plays aimed at sensitising the public about the hazards of using plastic products will be staged. The volunteers will also request the public to use dustbins instead of littering the park and will manage waste generated during peak hours.

For the last three years, Saahas has been working together with the State Horticulture Department for ensuring proper disposal of waste during the Republic Day Flower Show which draws nearly one lakh visitors.

Since making Lalbagh litter free and ensuring waste clearance on time was a difficult task during the flower show, Saahas had sought support from environment enthusiasts last year. To its surprise, close to 150 youth especially techies working for HSBC and TCS had volunteered for the cause.


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