Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Roar of traffic makes the place sound like hell

Roar of traffic makes the place sound like hell

Increasing traffic and 24x7 noise pollution are two major problems of the BTM Layout constituency. This is a lifestyle problem aggravated by the lack of public transport and planning. The young IT crowds have brought with them equal number of vehicles which flood the streets due to lack of parking space.
The civic authorities have paid scant attention to this serious problem, say residents. Car pooling, traffic control and more parking lots can ease the situation but the initiative is indeed missing, they feel.
As the constituency is bisected by major roads like Hosur Road, Bannerghatta Road and 100 ft Ring Road, there is constant through-traffic. This adds to the daily chaos and din. Fancy bikes, heavy trucks and unending movement of buses and autorickshaws at high speed have made BTM Layout sound like hell. Indifferent traffic police have contributed further to this problem. Even the youths behind the wheel, who are blamed for choking the roads, carp at the growling traffic on the main roads.
"This stupid traffic steals my sleep," says a bleary-eyed Priyanka Rao, who works in a call centre at night and tries to sleep during the day. "It depresses me. I want to move out but thinking of the long commute, I feel discouraged," Priya says.
"Many roads in our area are too narrow. Dense population has given rise to heavy vehicle population. Roads are not widened or mended. Naturally, the traffic woes get worse. I wish the new corporator would sincerely do something about it," said Namith Ramadas, a software professional.
Asthma cases have been increasing owing to rising air pollution. "There is no check over the vehicles," says Shashwathi Naik, an employee with the telecom department.
"I am only 25 and I have started showing symptoms of asthma of late. The air here is terribly polluted and the noise is unbearable on the main road," she says.
That pedestrians have no space to move about is a fact that needs statistical support.
"I'm sure many of us youngsters want to use bicycle but there is no space to ride even," says K Pratheek, an environment consultant with an MNC living in Koramangala.
"Crossing the roads is a pain. Everybody is in a hurry. Skywalks are needed for pedestrians at major joints . The new corporator must do something about it," said Rajeev Shankar, a BPO employee and a resident of Koramangala 5th Block.
Lack of bus shelters is another problem. "Buses do not stop at the designated points, sometimes due to autorickshaws parked there. We always have to run towards the bus when it stops, sometimes, in the middle of the road, making it dangerous to board the bus," said Anish Kumar, a software engineer with Infosys.
"Keeping the city clean is crucial for the city's image. Students and young professionals from other cities come to this part of the city with big expectations. Regular garbage clearance has to be taken up," said an IT professional who requested anonymity.


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